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CLM is pleased to offer two options for your Parts, Service, and Rental purchases. The CNH (CitiCapital) revolving account offers special extended terms on qualifying purchases. The CLM Account allows you to establish a line of credit with higher limits and ability to work directly with our Team. PLUS: All new customers establishing a CLM Account will receive a New Customer Reward Certificate good for 10% off rental, parts, or service purchases within the first 90 days of account activation (up to $500 discount)


We also have FINANCING available for all of your equipment purchase and leasing needs, tailored to your business and your budget.


Our customers using the CNH Revolving Account (through Citicapital) enjoy many benefits not available through a CLM trade account:

- Promotions offering deferred interest

- Promotions offering deferred payments

- True Revolving account flexibility to meet your seasonal needs

- Regular credit line reviews

- A dedicated customer service team available to work with you on payments and credit lines who understand the industry and care about your needs

- The opportunity to establish a credit partnership that will be beneficial in fulfilling your future equipment and major repair financing needs

- Detailed monthly statements referencing CLM invoice numbers

- Payment due dates based on statement date, not invoice date

- Ability to view your account activity on-line


To apply for a commercial line of credit, please download our credit application, complete and sign as indicated, and return to our Credit department by fax or e-mail. We will contact you immediately with information about the credit line that is established for your parts, service, and rental purchases. Laurie Dugas, CLM Credit Manager, is available to answer any questions you may have. 


Contact CLM Credit Manager, Laurie Dugas.

Call (800) 738-2561, or talk to your local CLM team member.


Equipment Financing is available for your new and used equipment purchases. CLM works with leading lenders to assist our customers in obtaining financing at competitive rates. Insurance is also available for all types of new and used equipment. Jennie Cole, Sales Administrator, can work with you and your CLM Account Manager to find the best finance and insurance package for your needs and your budget.


Interested in establishing an Equipment Credit Line, even if you have not made a purchase decision? Call today to apply.


Contact CLM Sales Administrator, Jennie Cole.

Call (800) 738-2561, or talk to your local CLM team member.